Anna Knutson

Anna Knutson, PhD

Anna Knutson holds a Ph.D. in English and Education from the University of Michigan, and for the past three years she has served as an English professor and a writing program administrator at Duquesne University and East Tennessee State University. Before that, Anna researched and taught writing at the University of Michigan and the University of New Mexico, and she also coached writers from all disciplines as a writing consultant at the University of Washington. Anna first entered higher education because she cares deeply about supporting writers from all walks of life as they encounter new writing challenges in their academic and professional careers. Since she recently finished her doctorate, Anna is particularly passionate about supporting writers as they navigate the unique (and complex!) writing challenges presented by graduate school. As a researcher, Anna is captivated by methods; she is trained as a qualitative researcher, and she is always eager to learn about new methods. Given her interdisciplinary training in English, Education, and Gender Studies, she loves to coach writers from all disciplines and language backgrounds. Anna is from Seattle, WA, and when she is not thinking about writing and learning, she is spending time with her chihuahua mix, Biscuit.

Languages: English


Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

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Other Publications

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