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I love working with writers to successfully maneuver the maze of a writing project. As a writing coach, I especially enjoy helping writers develop their ideas into a cohesive and focused topic. Given my background as both a librarian and writing instructor, I find that writers often need help with literature reviews, so I teach them how to develop a conversation in which their research and writing fit. Their work will have impact if they can see how it continues the scholarly work others have done! Literature reviews are often one of the most challenging parts of a writing project, but it is much like a puzzle in which, in the end, all the various pieces fit into a cohesive whole. I also appreciate the chance to assist writers with brainstorming, articulating their research methods, integrating research results with existing knowledge by synthesizing it with the literature, and with juggling the sometimes-vexing nature of coordinating and completing a writing project.



ABOUT: Barbara D’Angelo holds a PhD in Technical Communication & Rhetoric from Texas Tech University, an MS in Library & Information Science from the University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a BA in Spanish from Emmanuel College. Her interest in the intersections between information literacy and writing evolved into teaching writing full-time in technical and professional writing. She has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses on campus, as well as in hybrid and online settings for over 20 years. Barbara has served as Director of Curriculum and Assessment for a technical and professional communication program, has led the development and coordination of multi-section courses in both business and medical/health communication, and is the graduate advisor for students in a master’s degree in technical communication. Barbara is the co-editor of Information Literacy: Research and Collaboration Across Disciplines. She is also the author of several book chapters and articles and has presented on information literacy and writing, assessment, e-portfolios, and business and medical/health communication. In addition, she was the co-PI on a grant to use writing analytics to investigate the potential relationship between threshold concepts and student writing. Barbara enjoys hiking, traveling, the beauty of the desert southwest, and baking.

Languages: English; Spanish reading



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