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As a coach, I am prepared to help clients with any stage of writing. However, I especially enjoy helping clients reflect on and improve their writing process by trying out various approaches and accountability strategies to see what works for them. One of the hardest parts about writing is often, simply, prioritizing it. However, there are many reasons for why it can be hard to do just that. Part of my process, as a coach, is figuring out what those reasons are and coming up with solutions. Of course, it can also be hard to use the time we do have productively; helping you to improve your writing process also means addressing goal setting and issues with focus. Finally, another one of my goals as a coach is to help clients better understand what is being asked of them. To that end, I work to translate academic genres and advisor feedback into specific action steps that clients can complete. I look forward to working with you on these and other writing concerns.

ABOUT: Beth Davila has a PhD in English and Education from the University of Michigan and an MA in Writing Theory and Pedagogy from DePaul University. Her teaching, research, and administrative work focuses on increasing access to higher education for traditionally underrepresented students and valuing linguistic diversity. Beth regularly teaches courses on writing, grammar, editing, and rhetoric. Before becoming a professor, Beth worked in healthcare communications as a writer and editor.

Languages: English; French reading


Books Edited or Co-edited

Cristyn L. Elder and Davila, Bethany, editors. Defining, Locating, and Addressing Bullying in the WPA Workplace. Utah State University Press. 2019. Introduction word count: 6,560.


Articles in Refereed Journals

Davila, Bethany, Anna Knutson, Andrew Bourelle, and Tiffany Bourelle. “Linguistic Diversity in Online Writing Classes.” WPA Journal vol. 41, no. 1, Fall 2017, pp. 60-81. Word count: 7,866.

Cristyn ElderandDavila, Bethany. “Stretch and Studio Composition Practicum: Creating a Culture of Support and Success for Developing Writers at a Hispanic Serving Institution.” Composition Studiesvol. 45, no. 2, Fall 2017, 167-186. Word count: 6,947.

Davila, Bethany. “Standard English and Color Blindness in Composition Studies: Rhetorical Constructions of Racial and Linguistic Neutrality.” WPA Journal vol. 40, no. 2, Spring 2017, pp. 154-173. Word count: 7,724.

Davila, Bethany and Cristyn L. Elder. “Welcoming Linguistic Diversity and Saying Adiós to Remediation: Stretch and Studio Composition at a Hispanic Serving Institution.” Composition Forum vol. 35, Spring 2017. Available at: http://compositionforum.com/issue/35/new-mexico.php. Word count: 5,868.

Davila, Bethany and Hannah Dickinson. “At a Distance: The Encoding of Place in the University.” Composition Studiesvol. 44, no. 2, Fall 2016, pp. 94-115. Word count: 9,975.

Davila, Bethany. “The Inevitability of ‘Standard’ English: Discursive Constructions of Standard Language Ideologies.” Written Communication vol. 33, no. 2, Feb 2016, pp. 127-148. Word count: 8,996.

Davila, Bethany. “Indexicality and ‘Standard’ Edited American English: Examining the Link Between Conceptions of Standardness and Perceived Authorial Identity.” Written Communicationvol. 29, no. 2, April 2012, pp. 180-200. Word count: 10,645.

Rex, Lesley, Heather T. Bunn, Mike Bunn, Bethany Davila, Hannah Dickinson, Amy C. Ford, Chris Gerben, and Melinda McBee Orzulak. “A Review of Discourse Analysis in Literacy Research: Equitable Access.” Reading Research Quarterlyvol. 45, no. 1, Jan/Feb/Mar 2010, pp. 94-115. Word count: 18,115.

Accardi, Steven and Bethany Davila. “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen: A Multifield Approach for Today’s Composition Students.” Teaching English in the Two-Year Collegevol. 35, no. 1, Sept 2007, pp. 54-61. Word count: 3,633.

 Davila, Bethany. “Rewriting Race in the Writing Center.” The Writing Lab Newslettervol. 31, no. 1, Sept 2006, pp. 1-5. Available at https://wlnjournal.org/archives/v31/31.1.pdf. Word count: 2,324.


Articles Appearing in Chapters in Edited Volumes

Davila, Bethany and Cristyn L. Elder. “‘Shocked by the Incivility’: A Survey of Bullying in the WPA Workplace.” Defining, Locating, and Addressing Bullying in the WPA Workplace, edited by Cristyn L. Elder and Bethany Davila. Utah State University Press. 2019. Word count: 4,803.


Other Scholarly Works

Davila, Bethany. “Review: The End of Composition Studies” Composition Studiesvol. 34, no. 2, Fall 2006: Online Edition.Word count: 1,394.

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