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Publishing an Academic Article
Tips, Tricks, and Tactics

Beth L. Hewett and Robbin Z. Warner
Release Date: December 2017

Whether you’re a new scholar who needs to publish in order to be considered for a full-time job, an academic who needs to publish for tenure and promotion purposes, or an international scholar who needs help understanding some of the customs for publishing in American settings, this guide will help you navigate every step of the publishing process.

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An accessible, useful, and comprehensive guide that demystifies the article writing process in a way that will be very helpful to young scholars who are new or unschooled in the writing and publishing process, and to more experienced authors who want to up their writing game.
Michael Greer

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Writing academic articles seems to be a huge jump for a lot of graduates (I know it was for me), so it’s good to see things that help people make that leap.
Barbara L’Eplattenier

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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