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My favorite part of coaching is helping academic writers with the organization of writing pieces, integrating source material effectively, tweaking paragraphs for coherence, and overall writing project management. Though I can coach academic writers in a number of areas, many writers struggle with organizing dissertation chapters as individual chapters yet part of a cohesive project and struggle with how to develop academic paragraphs that make sense while incorporating source material effectively. In addition, many academic writers need help with managing the various parts of a single large writing project like a dissertation or multiple writing projects that need to be worked at the same time. Finally, I’ve been on several search committees for new faculty members and offer coaching for this process, including Zoom interview preparation. If you need help in any of these areas, please request me when you contact Defend & Publish.

ABOUT: Christine Tulley is the owner and president of Defend&Publish. She has a PhD in Rhetoric and Writing from Bowling Green State University and graduate certifications in Women’s Studies (Bowling Green State University) and Screen Arts and Cultures (University ofMichigan). She is the founder and director of the MA in Rhetoric and Writing at The University of Findlay and currently directs all faculty writing support, including development of tenure and promotion support materials, faculty writing groups, and individual writing schedules for those who struggle with time management or writer’s block. Her current research focuses on scholarly writing habits of writing studies faculty, academic time management, and faculty writing support showcased in How Writing Faculty Write: Strategies for Process, Product, and Productivity(2018) and the forthcoming Rhet Comp Moms: What 100 Time Use Diaries Can Teach Us about Parenting, Productivity, and Professionalism (Utah State University Press, 2020). As a frequentcontributor to Inside Higher Education, her advice columns focus on academic productivity strategies, including how to juggle multiple writing projects and craft cohesive tenure and promotion applications. She previously served as a member of the Conference for College Composition and Communication’s (CCCC) Executive Board and co-directs the CCCC’s “Think Tank” for new scholars developing conference proposals. Language: English; French reading

Languages: English; French reading


Tulley, Christine. How Writing Faculty Write: Strategies for Process, Product, and Productivity. Utah State University Press. 2018.

Edited Collections
Blair, Kristine, Radhika Gajjala, and Christine Tulley. Webbing Cyberfeminist Practice: Communities, Pedagogies, and Social Action. Hampton Press, 2008.

Books under Contract

Rhet Comp Moms: Productivity, Professionalism, and Parenting/What 150 Time Use Diaries Reveal about Academic Motherhood in Rhetoric and Composition. Monograph length manuscript analyzes 150 time use diaries of rhetoric and composition mothers using modified double description coding to determine how they find time to write for publication despite parenting duties and time-intensive writing faculty and/or administrative positions. Utah State University Press. 2020.

Guest Edited Special Issues

Tulley, Christine, and Christine Denecker. Themed Issue: The Current Moment in Composition: Professional Development for Multimodal Composition. The Writing Instructor. March 2014. http://writinginstructor.com/currentmoment

Peer Reviewed Articles

Tulley, Christine. “Exploring the Multimodal Nature of Flute Girls.” Special issue on “Digital Literacies in the Ancient World.” Classics@. Guest editor Paul Dilley. Fall 2019. https://chs.harvard.edu/CHS/article/display/1167.classics-introduction-to-journal

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Book Chapters
Tulley, Christine. “Reviving an Oral Tradition: Using Podcasting to Teach Ancient Literature.” Teaching

Literature with Digital Technology. Editor Tim Heitland. New York: Bedford/St. Martins, 2017.

Tulley, Christine. “Preparing Preservice Writing Teachers to Enact the (Digital) Common Core Standards in Secondary Writing Classrooms: A Fresh Approach to the Common Core Standards in Research and Writing.” The Next Digital Scholar. Editors Jim Purdy and Randall McClure. Medford (NJ): Information Today, 2014. Bronze Medal for Education in the Commentary/Theory Category for the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

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Blair, Kristine, and Christine Tulley. “E-Writing Spaces as Safe, Gender-Fair Havens: Aligning Political and Pedagogical Possibilities. “Teaching Writing with Computers: An Introduction. Eds. Pamela Takayoshi and Brian Huot. Houghton Mifflin, 2003. Winner of Computer and Composition’s Best New Book for 2003 Award.

Book Reviews, Public Scholarship, and Contributions

“Making the Most of Your Research Promotion Team.” Inside Higher Education. June 28, 2019. https://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2019/06/28/how-work-publishers-universities-and-libraries-promote-your- research-and-related

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Review of Feminist Social Thought. Journal of American Culture. Summer 1999.

Writer Toolkit PLUS CD-ROM, contributor. Longman Press, 2001.


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