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Lilian Mina, PhD

Lilian Mina has a Ph.D. in Composition and TESOL from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, an MA in TESOL from the American University in Cairo, and a Certificate in Teaching Business Writing from University of South Carolina. She researches digital writing, especially multimodal composing and using social media in the writing classroom, and multilingual student writers. She has experience with qualitative, mixed-method, and digital research methods. She has extensive experience teaching graduate and undergraduate students, working with multilingual students, and supervising graduate theses and portfolios.  Lilian enjoys mentoring junior scholars by helping them a) understand and be comfortable with their writing style, b) deconstruct their writing situation, including purpose, audience, and genre, c) set writing goals that fit their style and the current writing situation, and d) create a feasible plan to achieve those goals successfully.  Lilian has won awards in teaching, research, and professional development from Indiana University in Pennsylvania. Her work appears in edited collections from Computers and Composition Digital Press, the WAC Clearinghouse, and Utah State University Press, and in journals, such as Computers and Composition and Composition Forum. She reviews submission to a number of academic journals and national conferences.

Languages: Arabic and English



Lilian was an excellent writing coach. She quickly understood my project and the standard of quality that I wanted to achieve with my work so that she could provide very targeted leadership. I am grateful for the depth of experience and genuine care.

Lynne Krishna


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Forthcoming Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

Mina, Lilian W. “Technology Professional Development of Writing Faculty. Composition Forum. [Accepted for publication in the spring 2020 issue]

Mina, Lilian W. and Tony Cimasko. “Expectations, Mismatches, and the Teaching of Second Language Writing: A Program-Wide Survey.” Translingual Dispositions: The Affordances of Globalized Approaches to the Teaching of Writing, edited by Alanna Frost et al., WAC Clearinghouse.


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