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Melissa Quackenbush, PhD

Melissa Quackenbush, Ph.D. is a graduate of the Educational Psychology and Program Evaluation program at Old Dominion University. Prior to completing her dissertation, Dr. Quackenbush earned an Educational Specialist’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Liberty University, and she holds a Master of Science in Reading Education from the University of South Florida. While continuing her education, Dr. Quackenbush has served in the public-school systems in Central Florida and Northern New Jersey. She has experience as a secondary English teacher, Reading Specialist, Instructional Technology Coach, Supervisor of Instruction, and Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Technology. With approximately twenty years in the field of education, Dr. Quackenbush provides educational consulting services to public and private schools in various areas of instructional design, professional development, and school administration through her LLC, Engage Momentum. Her research interests include teacher training, self-regulated learning, and computer-supported collaborative learning environments.

Languages: English
Proficiencies: Mixed methods research, Nvivo, SPSS


Presenter – Quackenbush, M. (2021). Strategies for Productivity and Peace [PowerPoint slides], The Madison Institute.

Presenter – Quackenbush, M. and Tulley, C. (2021). Structuring Your Dissertation Writing and Writing Support To Complete Your Degree [PowerPoint slides], Defend & Publish.

Presenter – Quackenbush, M. and Greenquist-Marlett, S. (2021). Getting Unstuck: Using Self-Regulated Learning for Writing Momentum [PowerPoint slides], Defend & Publish.

Presenter – Quackenbush, M., and Hughes, P. (2020). The Anywhere School: Pedagogy and Technology Workshop for Haworth Public School [PowerPoint slides], Haworth, NJ.

Presenter – Quackenbush, M., and Schmaler, S. (2020). Trauma-Informed Care, Social-Emotional Learning, and Your Self-Care: Haworth Public School Professional Development Workshop [PowerPoint slides], Haworth, NJ.

Presenter – Quackenbush, M. (2020). Developing Common Benchmark Assessments in PLCs: Butler Public Schools Professional Development Workshop [PowerPoint slides], Butler, NJ.

Presenter – Quackenbush, M., Johnson, D., Lynch, M., and Grecco, S. (2020). We Can Virtually Do Anything: Assisting with Online Teaching and Learning: Butler Public Schools Professional Development Workshop [PowerPoint slides] Butler, NJ.

Presenter – Quackenbush, M. (2020). Standards-Based Grading and Report Cards: Butler Public Schools Professional Development Workshop [PowerPoint slides] Butler, NJ.

Presenter – Quackenbush, M. (2020). Standards-Based Grading and Strategies for Supporting Students: Butler Public Schools Professional Development Workshop [PowerPoint slides] Butler, NJ.

(Research in progress) Effects of Self-Regulated Learning Training on Teachers’ Self-Regulated Learning, Self-Efficacy for Teaching, and Perceived Instructional Effectiveness in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

(Research in progress) Replication study of The Relationship of Special Education Placement and Student Academic Outcomes (accepted for presentation at EERA 2022)

Frontiers in Education – Teacher Education in press Co-Author (with Dr. Linda Bol) – Teacher Support of Co-and Socially-Shared Regulation of Learning in Middle School Mathematics Classrooms

SSRL SIG Times Magazine September 2019 – March 2020 American Educational Research Association

  • Contributing Author (March) – Dr. Timothy Cleary: My Mentor in the Mentoring Program
  • Contributing Author (October) – Teachers as Learners: A Review of Dr. Daniel Moos’ Keynote, April 2019
  • Contributing Author (September) – The Future of Homework Practices: A Review of The Case for (Quality)

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