Risa P. Gorelick, Ph.D.

J. Michael Rifenburg, PhD

Michael has a PhD in Composition/Rhetoric/Literacy from the University of Oklahoma and an MA in Composition in Rhetoric from Auburn University. At both Auburn and Oklahoma, he worked closely with the athletics department and student-athletes and wrote about his experiences in his book The Embodied Playbook: Writing Practices of Student-Athletes (Utah State University Press, 2018). He currently studies U.S. Army writing instruction, specifically with ROTC curriculum, and has traveled to military colleges within the U.S. and in Poland to lead workshops on Army writing. He enjoys thinking through qualitative and mixed methods research projects, digging into choices of method and methodology, designing effective literature reviews, and building guiding research questions based on research design and literature review. He loves talking writing and helping writers think through the various rhetorical decisions they make as they write.

Languages: English



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Undergraduate Research as a Future of English Studies. Co-edited with Kristine Johnson. Special issue of Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Language, Literature, Composition, and Culture. Duke University Press. Expected publication January 2022.


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