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There’s no doubt about it; writing a book‐length project is challenging.

It takes new ways of thinking about a problem. It requires intensive research, thoughtful analysis, and a fitting organization. And, it calls for the perseverance to write an interesting, complete manuscript. Sometimes it also requires “managing” the committee, chair, or anticipated readers.

All the coaches at Defend & Publish are dissertation veterans who have gone on to become published authors. If you’re in the thick of it, finishing may seem an impossible task. We’re proud of the people just like you who we’ve helped to finish and meet their goals.

Why is writing a thesis or dissertation hard?

Perhaps more than anything else, though, this kind of writing raises anxiety. It’s the topic of horror stories about those who never completed the project or who did so under the most difficult circumstances.

At Defend & Publish we know the hard job of writing. We know what it takes to bring an academic writing project to completion whether it’s a dissertation or a journal article. Our coaches are reflective listeners, seasoned authors, and good communicators. And our clients finish. Period.

Drafting and Writing the Dissertation

Whether you’re writing to complete graduate degree requirements or to publish, the high stakes themselves can be daunting. That’s why working with an experienced writing coach can be helpful. Learn to let your inherent curiosity about your topic lead the way, to tell the story of your data with readers in mind, and to write efficiently in order to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time.

Managing the Dissertation Process (Time and Focus)

Writing a thesis or a dissertation is a project that requires organization and planning. With a major project such as this, it’s important to find a work and life balance. There are only two grades when it comes to a dissertation: done and not done. Working with a Defend & Publish coach will help you find the balance you need to finish.

Developing and Researching Your Project

The purpose of writing a thesis or dissertation is to demonstrate you know how to  design, develop, and execute a major academic research project. However, up until this point, most students have never designed a research project larger than a seminar paper.  We work with you to make sure you understand and deliver what is required. Asdf;lkj asdfl;kj asdf;lkj asdf;lkj asdlfkj asd;lfkj asd;lfkj as;

Working with Your Committee

Sometimes working with your committee becomes a hurdle. Remember that the dissertation process also is an exercise in project management. Today’s communication often happens online. Defend & Publish coaches are experts at working with writers online and at a distance. Let us help you communicate better with your advisers through technologies (e.g., email, video conferences, document sharing, phone calls), thorough document preparation, and in-person meetings.

Breaking Through Writer’s Block

Writing is hard work. Writing a book-length project is even harder. Sometimes writers get stuck, but it doesn’t have to be terminal. Coaches at Defend & Publish have strategies to break through writer’s block and help you finish.

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Compiling Your Final Draft

When all the pieces are written, the next crucial stage is compiling all the parts into a whole. Whenever possible, it’s best to present a polished draft to your committee to avoid unnecessary distractions in the final reading and commenting processes. We can work with you to make these last steps flow smoothly and as painlessly as possible.

Editing and Formatting the Document

Every writer needs an editor.  Doing the final editing and formatting of your project can be an onerous task, especially if you’re on a tight deadline. Let us take the pressure off by working with you on the fine-tooth editing and formatting processes.

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Getting Published

Publishing your work is crucial in academic settings.  You’ll have lots of competition getting your ideas out there.  We can help you target your piece for a particular audience, focus the text to meet specific publication guidelines, and polish the prose. Let Defend & Publish coaches help you prepare your writing for potential publication.

The Defend & Publish Advantage

We’re seasoned academic writing instructors, have published extensively, and stay current on the changes in the dissertation genre. We understand research methodology and can assist you in developing, designing, and writing all chapters of the dissertation. We know academic formatting and citation styles that polish the piece. Moreover, we’re experts in writing online and working with writers online and at a distance. As leaders in this new, emerging field of online research and writing, we know how to help you defend and publish.

We can help you with:

  • Humanities-based and social sciences writing, as well as some scientific writing projects
  • Prospectus research and writing
  • Idea development and focus
  • Theoretical framework decisions
  • Scope of the work, limiting the topic, and maintaining focus
  • Content development, supporting ideas, and addressing the thesis
  • Writing processes, problem solving, idea arrangement, and clarity
  • Writer’s block
  • Document conventions, coherence, presentation, and audience analysis
  • Setting expectations and keeping writing schedules
  • Working successfully with advisers and committee members
  • Formatting, editing, and proofreading
“If you have difficulties with committee members who are not clear on their wishes, Beth Hewett has the ability to help you clarify what they are asking for. I highly recommend Beth for any doctoral learner striving to complete a dissertation without anxiety.”
Joe.,Ph.D. 2008, Capella University

“The coaches at Defend and Publish have a deep knowledge of the dissertation process.  They provided  me a constant sense of perspective. I was able to sustain an intense schedule of writing and to meet my goals. Their coaching is a blend of sensitive listening, cogent suggestions, humor, and realistic encouragement.”
Beverly, Ph.D. 2009, Argosy University, Atlanta

“I hired Defend and Publish for work-related projects after I finished my PhD and would recommend them to any professional in need of an editor and coach.”
Jenny, Ph.D. , 2010, The City University of New York

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