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Mastering the Skills Needed for Academic & Professional Writing

Academic and other kinds of professional writing projects rely on three core abilities:

1) to formulate your ideas

2) to identify your audience

3) to communicate your ideas in a clear and professional manner.

The coaches at Defend & Publish, LLC can help you master each of these areas.

Formulate Your Ideas

Writing an article or book for publication, even one revised from a successful dissertation, requires careful consideration to turn an idea in a workable, expanded reality. The first step is to ask yourself, “so what?” At Defend and Publish, we strive to teach our clients the value of purposeful writing. Not every first idea will be a good one. You will need to give yourself permission to think about your idea, to ponder its complexities, and to consider the possibilities it presents to you as a writer. The coaches at Defend & Publish, LLC can help you clarify your ideas and teach you the skills needed to turn an idea into finished manuscript.

Identify Your Audience

Unlike a dissertation, many other pieces of writing—articles, books, reports—do not have a ready-made audience. After you have decided someone out in the world needs to know your thoughts on a subject, you then need to figure out exactly who comprises your audience. After all, not every piece of writing will interest everyone we meet in our professional lives, and that’s okay. To successfully complete a piece of writing and then have it published, you must identify your audience and then craft a strategy to meet your intended audience’s expectations. This can be a difficult task, one rife with questions of scope and style. The coaches at Defend & Publish, LLC have accomplished such work many times over, for themselves and for clients. They can help you identify your audience and its interests, describe styles and genre considerations, and guide you as you present your work in ways that your audience will recognize and respond to.

Communicate Your Ideas

So you have a good idea; you know who you’re writing for and what they’d like to read about. The next step on the path to successful completion of any writing project—academic or professional—is to effectively communicate your ideas. Effective communication includes logically organizing your thoughts and presenting them coherently. To do this, you must write stylistically and technically proficient prose. We help you present a clear argument using a strong voice, a consistent and professional tone, and a compelling style. In addition, we address general formatting and proofreading errors as well as help you avoid plagiarism by ensuring your manuscript is properly sourced and cited. The coaches at Defend & Publish are equipped and eager to teach you these are important and too-often overlooked skills, enabling you to incorporate them into your next project.

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